When Africans Ruled in Europe: Hidden history revealed (and its impact on us today)

“Moorish Chief”, Eduard Charlemont, Austrian, 1848–1906

From 711A.D. began an increased European connection to other parts of the African / Islamic World — The Moorish Empire.

Few are familiar with Moorish history and far too many of them have misconceived notions of who we (The Moors) truly are.

Even more so, most people are completely unaware of our existence and the unquantifiable impact we’ve had on the advancement of the human race.

In case you’ve forgotten (or haven’t been exposed to this history), here are a few portraits of Moors:

Artist: José Tapiro y Baro (1836, Spain — 1913, Tangier)

The Moorish Empire (also known as the Moroccan Empire) was the largest empire known to history; larger than the Roman Empire. Larger than the Greek Empire.

Under Moorish rule, Europeans gain access to ancient knowledge from Egypt, ancient knowledge from Persia, ancient knowledge from China and India — because these are all areas that the moslem world has gone into.

The Alhambra, Moorish Palace in Granada, Andalusia, Spain

All this knowledge is being funneled and channeled back to Moorish controlled Spain ultimately igniting the Renaissance period and ushering Europe out of the Dark Ages.

Read that sentence again.

So this is what’s so disturbing — the the hiding of that great Moorish legacy which has had an undeniable impact on modern humanity.

There has been a massive failure of many historians to really address the Moorish legacy, specifically in North America.

It is evident, that this little known history has been glazed over by historians, by design, and is directly correlated with issues of racism and mistreatment of the so-called “Black” people here in North America —

— but more on that later on in this article.

But how did this particular era begin?

What was the mindset of the people and the climate of time which lead up to the Moorish invasion of Spain?

Did Moors have inside help? If so, who? And why?

Let's explore the answers to these questions and later address why this history is vital for the modern world.

Seven11: The Dawn of a New Era

711 A.D. of the common era, historically is when Moors, the African Islamic armies and Asiatic Islamic armies, invade the Iberian Peninsula.

Most of us came from north and northwest Africa, and most of us (in terms of our troops) were Amazigh or so-called Berber.

The leadership came from Damascus or Syria and part of what is known as the Umayyad dynasty.

But what’s interesting about what’s going on are two inciting occurrences that worked in the Moor’s favor prior to invading Spain:

  1. The prior existence of African / Moorish exchange within Europe
  2. The mistreatment of Christian subjects by their rulers

Let's unpack these two concepts a bit:

1. Prior African Exchange with Europe

There’s always been Africans (Moorish people) and people from the Near East (Asian peoples) going into the Iberian Peninsula — what we know today is Spain and Portugal.

So that was not unusual.

There was always exchange back and forth across the Straits of Gibraltar (which used to be called The Pillars of Hercules in reference to the when the Greeks had influence).

There’s also mountains of evidence proving similar pre-existing contact and trade across the Atlantic ocean between our Moorish kin of West Africa and us Moors here in the Americas.

At the end of this post, we’ve included resources providing more facts about the little known history of early Trans-Atlantic contact and trade — It’s fascinating.

“Prayer on the Housetop” by Alexandre Bida, 1864

Unparalleled Moorish Religious Tolerance

So you have larger numbers of Moors in Africa, other parts of Asia and in some parts of southern Europe who either have historically been Moslems, are converting to Islam on their own, or being encouraged to convert usually for purposes of trade — for example of fitting in.

This is one of the first elements which set the scene for the Moorish invasion of the Iberian Peninsula. The second is this:

2. Mistreatment of Christian subjects by their Rulers

The Christian population in the Iberian Peninsula, led by people like King Roderic, were not really treating their own population very well.

There were Christians who were poor in these regions that are dominated by Christian monarchs like Roderic who also was ruling over a Jewish population – the Sephardic community.

As a result the disgruntled populations in the Iberian Peninsula made up of poor Christians and Jews know about this new religion that was spreading in Africa in the Maghreb in North West Africa in other parts of the East.

The stage was set.

Moorish assistance from the inside

Some historians recognize that clearly the disgruntled Christian population didn’t have any great allegiance to maintaining the elites that were in charge of the Iberian Peninsula especially with King Roderic.

One of the impactful catalyst to the Moor’s invasion of Spain is Roderic himself, who was in alliance with someone named Count Julian.

Count Julian sent his daughter Florinda la Cava to King Roderic’s court as part of allegedly improving relations between monarchs of rulers.

She was to be instructed essentially in the ways of the court and under the tutelage and protection of Roderic.

Many primary sources that exist both in Latin and references in Arabic, account that Julian’s daughter Florinda was basically being taken advantage of (raped) by King Roderic.

As a result Julian then begins to encourage and assist this invasion that’s coming in from North Africa.

A Quick Recap

The Sultan of Morocco, Painting by Eugène Delacroix, 1845

Clearly there’s an aspect of the interests of acquisition of resources on the
part of Moorish moslem armies.

Clearly there’s an aspect of the disgruntled population in the Iberian Peninsula that says, “We can’t do any worse presumably under these Moorish “foreigners” — who are not really all that foreign because there had been so much previous interaction.

Then there’s the aspect of the problem that Count Julian has with Roderic because of what happened to his daughter.

As a result the invasion ensues over the course of about a century and a half.

To add to the scenario, increasing numbers of people began converting to Islam, although the Christian population along with the Jewish population were not required to convert.

Moors are of the particular theology of Islam which says Christians and Jews are still the people of the book.

As a Moslem you still respect Jesus (Isa or Yeshua). And you still respect Moses (or Musa) and of course Ibrahim or Abraham, who is the foundation for the Christian and Jewish monotheistic tradition.

711’s Connection to Moors today

As stated before, this invasion results in a massive scientific, political and economic renaissance.

Moors overlooking Granada, the last stronghold of the Moors in Spain.

Seven centuries later, Moors were exiled out of the Iberian Peninsula by Queen Isabella of Spain and King Ferdinand.

Many of these Moors were forced into slavery, largely by the Portuguese, being transported and traded along the west coast of Africa and eventually across the Atlantic ocean to the Americas.

With careful study it can become quite apparent that the Moors who conquered Spain are directly related to the so-called “African Americans” or “Black” people in North America today.

That’s what’s so disturbing — the hiding of this great Moorish legacy which has had tremendous impact on the modern world; all of which spawned from the not-so distant ancestors of the so-called “Blacks” and “African Americans” in North America.

Tragically, Moors here in North America aren’t aware that they are Moors.

During the time of slavery, all knowledge of their great history was forbidden and stripped from them. By the end of slavery in 1865, they only knew themselves as Negroes, Blacks or Colored Folks.

In the words of Prophet Noble Drew Ali:
“Thus he is separated from the illustrious history of his forefathers who were the founders of the first civilization of the Old World.

This matter should be looked into with a hope of correcting it.”

Modern Moorish American woman

There’s more (much more)

711 signified only one of countless moments in history of Moors advancing civilization throughout the planet.

This article only covers the first of many articles expanding on the events in Moorish Spain.

We’ll go much deeper into this hidden history of our Moorish ancestors (so-called “Black”) exposing more of our mind-blowing contributions to civilization…

…but that’s for another article.

For the time being, watch more on Seven11 here:

P. S.
As promised earlier, we’ve included more details and facts about the little known history of Pre-Columbian contact and exchange between the African continent and the Americas — It’s mind blowing! Enjoy.

Peace and Love.

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