How To Elevate Your Studies (And Your Life)

Look up names. Look up places.
You want to figure out who these people are.
What these places are.
Get a feel for them, get adventurous. Look them up in the Bible dictionary.
In my opinion, you can’t have enough dictionaries.

You have to have a bunch of reference books:

When it comes to dictionaries and reference materials, I say, “Get them all!”

Studying is like putting a puzzle together.
Words are pieces to a puzzle.
Until you start breaking some of the pieces down, you don’t know how the puzzle is going to look like. You can’t see the bigger picture.

In this story, we’re going to cover the core study tools every student should have. We will also discuss some fundamental principles and ideals for getting an understanding of ANY material you read, no matter its complexity.

Essential Tools for Reading Between The Lines

The first time you deep into a word and its meaning, it’s going to feel like a lot of work.

That’s because it is a lot of work.

At the same time, studying this way becomes very rewarding — now you’re beginning to gain a better understanding of whatever material you’re reading.

Eventually you’ll get quicker and better at breaking down what I read.

This strategy is what’s helped me read between the lines!

1. Don’t Assume Anything

Don’t assume you know what a word means. Look it up.

This is what a dictionary is for.

And you want to look up the definition in correct context — whether it’s an adjective or a noun, an adverb or whatever part of speech it is.

You also want to look up the etymology of the world — find out the mother of the word (so to speak). Learn the root word and get an understanding of what the word is?

What’s the etymology and definition in context with what you’re reading?

Believe it or not, this paints a different picture of material you’re studying.

2. Journey with Words

When you’re studying and researching, you’ll come around words you don’t know, or assume you know (remember, DON’T assume, look it up).

Write those words down and look them up.

In the definition there may be a word that you don’t understand.

Look THAT word up — this could send you on a journey.

You could end up writing a bunch of words and definitions down.

Find out they mean through etymology.

Sit back and ponder on what you’ve found and read the material again.

With this process, you’re almost guaranteed to paint a different picture with a different understanding of the words you’re reading. This works for me.

3. Get A Good European Education

The Prophet Noble Drew Ali said you need to get a good European education.

Part of that is understanding the English language.

This is where a good etymology dictionary, or a regular dictionary with etymology brackets is key.

What I do is get a dictionary and read it from the front — find out the parts of speech, what a prefix is, what a suffix is, find out what Etymology is and use it to trace the word back.

Just like the simple word “spirit” — “spirit” is breath.

Spirit is one of those words that make you say, “hmm”.

But don’t take my word for it…

…Look it up.

The dictionary, etymology dictionary, and concordance, etc.

These essentials are not only critical to have, but to know how to effectively use them.

Don’t worry you don’t need to memorize everything from this post.

You can click here and download the study notes for this story for free.

Using the exact notes from this story would definitely elevate your own studies.

Peace and Love

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